West Windsor, NJ Hardwood Floors Installation & Refinishing Contractor

Starting in 2004 both family members, Diego and Hernane trained with brothers and cousins in the flooring business. With exclusive one on one apprenticeships in flooring installation and refinishing, the family tradition of flooring was passed down to the next generation. Now many years later they have joined forces to bring AC/DC Floors LLC flooring installation and refinishing services to West Windsor, NJ.

West Windsor, NJ Hardwood Floors Installation

We install all types of flooring from laminate to any grade of prefinished wood, as well as unfinished flooring in West Windsor, NJ . With installation of unfinished hardwood, we can buff and stain your West Windsor floor to your desired color.

With any type of flooring installation in West Windsor, NJ we can meet you at the showroom and assist you in finding your perfect flooring choice or bring samples to your door, making it an easy and enjoyable experience. Acdcfloors is not limited to residential flooring installations in West Windsor, NJ . We also specialize in installing and refinishing commercial and new construction projects in West Windsor, NJ.

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West Windsor, NJ Hardwood Floors Refinishing

Refinishing Hardwood Floors in West Windsor with Sanding and Stain or natural color.
AC/DC Floors LLC will come to you to sand, stain and finish your West Windsor floors. First we sand down to the bare floor layer, taking off the old wax and varnish. Next you have the choice to go with a natural clear varnish a mini wax stain before we polish and coat the floor with either water base or oil base varnish depending on your needs.

Every time we refinish West Windsor floors, we bring life and shine back into your West Windsor floors.

West Windsor, NJ Dustless Floor Sanding system

Are you going to sand and refinish your West Windsor floors and are concerned about the dust? We carry a Dustless system that helps reduce dust and debris from sanding. Even with the dustless system we also hang protective plastic, covering cabinets, countertops, and doorways. It helps a lot.

West Windsor, NJ Hardwood floor sanding repairs

We have had so many cases over the years working on different floor sanding repairs in West Windsor.
We have worked hard to improve techniques to blend the colors as close as possible to match the new floor with the old existing floor.

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